Wednesday, 17 February 2010

It's showcase time!

There is a great deal of talent within UCA and below is just a small example of some of the work that is produced via the collaborative efforts of both creative stylist and photographers
To get your work showcased and be a part of a specialised resource, do not hesitate in getting in contact. Whether you just have images to show or/and a website/blog you would like us to link to, use this site as a way to get your creativity seen and discover potential collaborations
Stylist: Claire Anderson Photographer: Oliver Edward Savage

Stylist: Emily Corbin

Stylist: Tansy Stowell Photographer: Paul Rideout
Stylist: Gemma Seager Photographer: Radu Tudoroiu
 Stylist: Lara Solangon Photographer: Vladimirs Silins
Stylist: Kayleigh Firth Photographer: Michael McCarthy

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