Monday, 1 November 2010

Floaty light (backlit photography)

(click for a larger image)

Over the summer I was gifted with a very large sheet of semi opaque fabric* and ever since I've been eager to get some use out of it. I finally got my wish when Alexandra approached me with a shoot idea that I thought would benefit from being backlit. So with the aid of a step ladder and quite a few clamps we soon had ourselves a Very large softbox - powered by 2 umbrellaed lamps attached to a B2 pack at full power.
Capturing some movement in the fabric was key to pulling off this shot, with such a powerful backlight capturing the moment, I needed a constant light up front, that would allow me to benefit from using a slower shutter speed. For this I used a Bowens Studiolite, which at full power, gave me just enough oomph to get the job done.
I had great fun on this shoot and am very please with the images, so a big thank you Alexandra and hats off to her sister who agreed to be her model for the day :)

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